The By-Laws of the Corporation may be revoked or modified, via any by-law adopted by a majority decision of the Directors at a Board meeting. Such revocation or amendment of by-laws will be effective once approved by the Board of Directors. The revocation or the amendment will be submitted to the members at the annual general meeting and must receive the approval of two thirds (2/3) of the votes cast, in failure of which the decision of the Board will be canceled, effective from the same date.


The Board of Directors may establish its rules of practice relating to the administration of the Corporation’s business, on condition that such rules are not incompatible with these By-Laws.


In the present By-Laws and in any other by-laws that may be adopted by the Corporation, unless the opposite is indicated by the context, terms which are used in the masculine or in the singular include the feminine or the plural, depending on the case, and any references to persons include companies, Corporations or any other legal entity or person.